Finally, I’m on Facebook too

After years of resisting, I finally succumbed to it: I created an account on facebook. Here’s my (slightly modified) badge:

I readily admit Facebook is fun, but it also confirmed my suspicion it’s a ‘distraction’. So, instead of spending time on preparatory work to write an informative blog post, I browsed around there, checked out other people’s links, chatted, and posted links myself. Links that otherwise might have been ‘upgraded’ (?) to an entire post, such as about the Newsweek’s article that women will rule the world and the open letter to cut military R&D, not science funding (in case of ‘necessary’ cuts in science, that is).

The next post will have more information content than this one (I suspect I am saying this to myself as well).


One response to “Finally, I’m on Facebook too

  1. Hello,

    Read some of your entries with interest.

    I am a US MBA with professional experience in education. Wanting to develop an ontology based service but have little knowledge.

    Could we discuss this through email, if possible.


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