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Whereas the “Posts most visited recently” in the side bar shows the most visited blog posts over the past 24-48 hours, here you’ll find the top 15 posts of ‘all time’, being from the blog’s start in April ’06 to the latest update on December 16, 2021 (>146,252 views):

  1. Google searches, sneaky Academia.edu, and data duplication (21455)
  2. 72010 SemWebTech lectures 3+4: Ontology engineering Top-down and Bottom-up (10326)
  3. ACM ICPC 2014 solution to problem A – baggage (7247)
  4. Multi-tasking or parallel processing? Operating systems versus processing in the brain (5167)
  5. Easy widget for keeping track of visited countries (5107)
  6. Computer Science with/for Biology and (bio)medicine (2578)
  7. Web 2.0 widgets, travelling (2405)
  8. The complexity of… coffee (1914)
  9. Failing to recognize your own incompetence (1703)
  10. African Wildlife Ontology tutorial ontologies (1538)
  11. 72010 SemWebTech lectures 1+2: the Web Ontology Languages (1266)
  12. What philosophers say about computer science (1180)
  13. Identification and keys in UML Class Diagrams (1109)
  14. An analysis of culinary evolution (1073)
  15. Dancing Algorithms (1039)

While I’m at the topic, here’s a list of my most cited research articles (h-index ≥ 25 in Google Scholar, on 16-12-2021; for the latest data and citations, check my profile on Google Scholar):

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