Easy widget for keeping track of visited countries

Following up on my whining last month about not being able to find a suitable and easy Web 2.0 widget to record the countries I have visited, I’ve stumbled upon one the other day that comes reasonably close!

Douwe Osinga, who works at Google, made an interactive applet for selecting the countries visited (for the USA and India also the states), and the generated code can then be copied into your home page, blog, and facebook. Updating the generated figure can be done by pasting the previously generated html back into the appropriate box, clicking on the new country/ies, and then pasting that code back into your home page, blog, or facebook. And no login hurdles etc have to be overcome.

Thus, it is not entirely interactive and cross-linked and all that, but it will do fine—and most certainly better than the lame Paint-job I did last month. So, here goes the updated picture (not including the holiday that I would like to take now), where at the bottom you will find the standard link to create your own map: (map updated on 30-6-’12 20-1-2015 [if the picture doesn’t load anymore, click here])

visited 39 states (17.3%)
Create your own visited map of The World or Triposo world travel guide for Android


6 responses to “Easy widget for keeping track of visited countries

    • Hi Leo,
      I had a look at it again, but unfortunately, one still has to register first to be able to use it.
      Thanks for adding the link anyway, as, of it self, it’s a nice feature to be able to also select the UNESCO heritage sites, and maybe other visitors of this post have no qualms with generating new accounts everywhere.

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