Blog post analysis revisited

A year ago I had a look at which posts were (still) being visited, and to a limited extent which topics were apparently more in vogue than others were. In short: some old posts were still receiving visitors and posts about my research comparatively less. Data analysis, however, may have been hampered by the low amount of posts (32) and visits (3254) and the age of the blog. I did check again in December ’08 and yesterday: now I have 62 posts with 7886 hits to the individual posts and 12682 overall, so things are going upward.

blogstatsJune09For what it is worth: still some old posts are receiving visitors regularly, posts about my research comparatively less–but slightly better now–and posts about other people’s research is second to none. More precisely but aggregated (raw data available upon request), in June’08 the average-visits/my-research-post was 80.9, now in June’09 86.9, compared to 196 and 209.5, respectively, for the average-visits/other-research-post, whereas the percentage for the former went up from 10 to 12% of total visits (stable on 39 for ‘other research’). The two other main categories, ‘conference blogging’ and ‘other topics’, hover little above 100 for average-visits/post. Interesting to me was to observe that while the ‘other topics’ posts are largest in number, on amount and average visits it hands it over to ‘other research’ (the other two remaining roughly stable), and that I actually had published much less posts about my own research results than I thought (a mere 11 posts out of the 62). Perhaps I’m too hesitant to do all the shameless self-promotion; the research results and projects are there.

In case you would like the know which posts received most hits over the past three years, check out the vox populi page (it corresponds roughly with external linking and search terms).


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