A first note

As if there is not yet enough data and information on the Internet. Like hundreds of thousands of other bloggers, I cherish the idea that more information won’t hurt and, moreover, I share the illusion with other bloggers that the information I add to the huge pile may occasionally be of some use to somebody, somewhere, some time.

Why not add the contents of the blog to my website? The tidbits of information that will be posted here don’t quite fit there. Websites, well researchers’ websites, generally contain information about their own research and teaching activities, other more or less static content that is generally too large to squeeze into a blog entry, and is pretty much uni-directional 1:n communication. Conversely, blog entries tend to be shorter, ‘dated’, with implicitly or explicitly worded opinion, and enables m:n interaction with comments and even discussions.

So, I’m giving it a try and see where it ends up. The same approach (ok, and then some) got me three degrees distinct disciplines, and to travel to many countries, a.o.t.
I hope you will find here something that piques your interest; and don’t hesitate to leave comments, suggestions, and criticism!


4 responses to “A first note

  1. I would tend to agree that we can always use more content. The nice thing about blogs is that they can mediate conversations on a global scale. Static sites are a lot less interactive in this respect. Happy blogging !

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